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Helpful Tips For Landlords

Important topics for landlords to cover

Why choose a boutique property management agency?

Quality over quantity  At a boutique agency you will notice a significant difference in the level...

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Should property owners change the locks?

The burning question for many residential investment property owners is whether to change the locks...

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Who is responsible for property maintenance?

An important topic for discussion of many landlords and tenants is - "Who is responsible for...

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Why is it important to keep your tenants happy?

One of the keys to successful property management is keeping your tenants happy, so they decide to...

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How property managers find the right tenants?

One of the most important roles of property managers is to precisely select good tenants. The...

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Hiring a property manager checklist

Hiring a professional and experienced property manager will help maximise your returns. Are looking...

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Can you change property managers during a tenancy?

Are you having issues with your current property managers? Many landlords who have issues with...

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