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At Verdi Property Management we have a firm understanding of property and with our comprehensive management processes, we provide our clients with an exclusive and defined service. Choosing Verdi Property Management guarantees you a Director level of service, with our owner being assigned the management of your property throughout each tenancy. All of our clients receive a high level of service without any unexpected changes, which provides your tenants with the comfort they deserve. Enjoy the process of owning your investment property by having a direct and easy line of communication with your property manager at all times. Make the best decision for your property going forward and allow us to partner with you on your property journey.

Verdi Property Management service


Our defined marketing is proven to lease properties quicker than the market average. With the use of our marketing and leasing processes, we are able to secure quality renters within the first 2 weeks on the market. By reducing the vacancy period compared to the market, this provides our clients with a higher rental return over the course of each tenancy.


Rental Appraisal

We will provide a rental appraisal to determine the level rent your property should be able to generate in the current rental market.

Initial inspection

Coordinate & organise an initial inspection of your property. At this initial inspection, we will provide recommendations of any potential improvements which can be made to the property to earn you a high return.


Our marketing campaign is specifically designed to target the required audience to lease your property quickly to a quality tenant. Our marketing campaign includes - Lease board, internet listings and professional photography.

Scheduled inspections

We schedule private and open inspections to show prospective renters your property. We arrange inspections to the needs of the potential renters.

Process Applications & Tenant screening

All applications we receive are efficiently processed to ensure we present you with suitable applications in a timely manner.

Tenant signing

Preparation and completion of tenancy documents in accordance with the residential tenancy legislation. These documents include - rental agreement, condition report, bond lodgement (RTBA).


Maintain Rental Records

We establish and maintain all rental records for your property.

Collection of Rent

Collecting and receipting all rental payments, as per the signed rental agreement.

Monitor Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are monitored with a zero tolerance policy, with set procedures in place for arrears management.

Owner Disbursements

All rent collected is disbursed to property owners at the end of each month. Monthly statements are sent via email with details of the disbursed amount.

Routine Inspections

Complete entry, routine and exit inspections in accordance with tenancy regulations to ensure your property is being maintained at an acceptable level.

Maintenance & Repairs

Coordinate all maintenance in accordance to owner instructions. Only accredited, licensed trades are used to carry out all maintenance and repairs.

VCAT Representation

Prepare VCAT applications, serve required notices as necessary and represent our clients at VCAT (if necessary).

Lease Renewal

Coordinate the lease renewal process. Prepare required documentation to renew your renters tenancy at your property.

Rent Reviews

Complete rent reviews to adjust the rent for your property to the current market level. In accordance with the tenancy laws, we complete rent reviews once every 12 months or at the end of the fixed term rental agreement.


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