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In real estate, time is money. The longer you can hold your residential property investment, the greater its value will grow overtime. Similarly, the longer you can have your property tenanted, the greater the investment income you will receive overtime. 

Therefore, having a quality property manager who can optimise your cash flow and maximise your rental returns, is so important. An experienced property manager will be able to secure quality tenants to keep your property tenanted and earning income, whilst minimising maintenance costs by conducting thorough and regular inspections.


Higher Occupancy Rates

Avg of 99.2% across our property portfolio

Higher Rental Returns

On avg 3.6% higher than suburb median

Our Property Management Services

Property Management Services we offer include:

Advertising Campaigns

We advertise your property to get the maximum exposure to capture the largest pool of tenants.

We also advertise on several other popular property sites. We also organise professional photos to ensure the first impression of your property is a good one. 

Open for Inspections

We hold and schedule open for inspections with proven strategies to get the widest audience with minimal vacancy time.

Our online booking system allows potential tenants to view the property when it suits them. 

Tenant Screening

We screen all your applicants we receive for the best possible candidates.

We process each application with a checklist approach. We check all references, we ensure we receive all required documentation and we present the best applications to landlords for their review.

Bond Collection

We organise the collection and lodgement of the rental bond for your residential property with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA) in compliance with relevant tenancy legislation. 

The bond process is quick and easy, as the RTBA withdraws the funds directly from our trust account and sends communication to tenants to confirm the lodgement details.

Entry, Routine & Exit Condition Reports

We complete an entry and exit condition report prior to the commencement of a new tenancy and at the end of an existing tenancy. Both the entry and exit condition reports protect your interests as an owner, by meticulously detailing the condition of the property.  

All routine inspections are completed in compliance with relevant tenancy regulations and provides landlords an ongoing overview of the condition of the property. All condition reports are made available on your Online Owner Portal.

Rent Collection & Reviews

We ensure all tenants under our management pay their rent in accordance to their tenancy agreement. We operate under a stringent no tolerance late rent policy. 

We also ensure the rental return of your property is being maximised, by undertaking an annual rent review to ensure it is keeping-up with market value.

Arranging & Organising Property Maintenance

We can arrange all rental property maintenance covering repairs, upgrades and minor renovations.

All our tenants’ maintenance requests via our online maintenance application form. This makes the process quick and simple for tenants to help maintain your property.

Online Owner Account

Due to the digital age and wanting information immediately when we need it, we provide 24/7 access to your own online owner account.

You will have all the information regarding your investment property at your fingertips. 

Digital Signing

Owners and tenants can sign lease agreements, management authority forms, and owners instructions anytime, anywhere.

The process is quick, simple and keeps you up-to-date instantly. It also allows us to secure tenants without having to wait for a scheduled signing appointment, which can slows down the process.

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