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Lease With Confidence, Lease With Verdi

Verdi Property have a proven approach to effectively manage investment properties. Your goal as a savvy property investor is to build a successful property portfolio. Our property managers provide a property management service that supports you in achieving this.

We value our clients relationships in the highest regard, which is why we strive to deliver the best results for you. The innovative services we provide are designed to make your life easier as a landlord.

Our property management philosophy is simple. To provide a level of service we would expect as property owner’s.

When your property is managed by our experienced property managers, you can be confident that your property is in the best hands.

Our Proven Property Management Approach

1. Accurate Rent Setting

We perform a full market assessment on your investment property to accurately determine fair rental value.

 We provide a detailed rental appraisal using proven methods to ensure your property is priced effectively to attract the best tenant available. 

2. Precise Tenant Selection

As property investors, we know the importance of conducting a thorough tenant selection process in search for the most suitable tenant for your investment property.

We are dedicated to finding quality long-term tenants who have a proven history of paying their rent on time and maintaining the property during the tenancy.

3. Strict Arrears Management

Our management team use a proven preventative process to ensure tenants pay their rent on time each month.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act they are required to pay their rent by the date noted on the schedule in their lease and it must always be paid in advance.

4. Prompt Rent Collection

We make paying rent for tenants very convenient throughout their tenancy. With a variety of options available in the payment frequency and method of payment.

Tenants receive reminders prior to their rent becoming due to ensure all rent payments are paid on time, every mont.

5. Detailed Property Inspections

Our property managers inspect your property regularly throughout the tenancy to ensure we stay on top of maintenance issues.

We allow landlords to attend all scheduled inspections of the property.

After each inspection, we provide a detailed inspection report to owners.

6. Regular Rent Reviews

We ensure your investment property is consistently producing maximum rental returns.

We conduct a full market rental review to ensure the rental is accurately reflected in the current market conditions.

This is completed every 12 months in accordance with the residential tenancies act.

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