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Rooming House Management

Verdi Property Management is a registered and licensed rooming house operator as required under the Rooming House Operators Act 2016. We provide Rooming House management services in compliance with the residential tenancies act 1997 and Rooming House Operator guidelines set out by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

As a registered Rooming House Operator (RHO) we ensure your properties meet the existing minimum standards and additional minimum standards that came into force in 2013. Rooming Houses in Victoria are regulated by multiple government Acts and Regulations. Therefore, it is important to have your property managed by licensed professionals with experience in class 1b and class 3 Buildings.

Make The Correct Investment Decision

Professional Management

Engaging an experienced, competent rooming house manager is essential to the success of your investment.

Verdi Property Management understands the nuances of managing a successful rooming house learnt over many years of experience.

Quality Tenant Selection

With multiple tenancies at the one property, sourcing quality and suitable tenants is the key to ensuring your rooming house runs as smoothly as possible.

Our comprehensive tenant screening process assists us in securing quality tenants for your property.

Compliance & Registration

Understanding and complying with applicable tenancy legislation is of utmost importance given the high level of regulatory scrutiny that rooming houses attract.

Verdi Property Management applies industry best practices to ensure that your rooming house not only is legally operated, but is also an enjoyable and safe place for your tenants to live.

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