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Why choose a boutique property management agency?

Why choose a boutique property management agency?

Quality over quantity 

At a boutique agency you will notice a significant difference in the level of customer service provided. You will also notice that property managers will manage a smaller number of properties at one particular time. This allows property managers to deliver the level of service you need and that you expect as a property owner. The ideal number of properties a property manager should be managing is less 100 properties. You will receive a better quality of service from a property manager that is managing less properties, so be sure to ask this when interviewing different agencies.

Increased level of communication 

At a boutique agency, property owners have direct communication with the managing director. This provides landlords with a level of confidence knowing you have the ability to go ‘straight to the top’ if required. The property managers at a boutique agency, also have constant communication with the managing director. This can boost level of productivity, which can increases the overall level of service. Employees are able to get quick and innovative solutions to their problems. Fast and effective communication between all parties is essential to building successful, long-term business relationships.  An increased level of communication across the board at a boutique agency is one the major factors for many property owners when deciding on which agency to hire.

Better investment returns

Many property owners choose boutique agencies because they are specialists in a particular service. By selecting a boutique property management agency you will have a dedicated property manager who is solely focused on delivering the best level of service. Therefore, you are able to receive greater results from your investment property in the long run. As a property owner your main goal is to receive the greatest return on your investment (ROI). This marries up with the main goal of a specialist in property management which is to optimise the performance of your investment property.

Who is a boutique property management agency?

Verdi Property Management is the premier boutique property management agency in Geelong & West Melbourne area. As a boutique agency we specialise in a property management. This allows us to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Our team manage smaller property portfolio’s to provide superior results for landlords. Request a free rental appraisal for your property today. 


We hope this article was able to provide you with a valuable insight into the benefits of a boutique agency over a franchise. Please feel free to give call us anytime, we would be more than happy to assist you in the management of your investment property.

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